Breakers, Fuses, Panels

Breakers, Fuses, Panels

All Suburban Electric Will Repair Your Breakers, Fuses, & Panels. Serving Cook, Lake & DuPage Counties in Illinois

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Breakers, Fuses, and Electrical Panels—If you have breakers that are tripping, blown fuses, or panels that are making a worrisome sound, the professional Illinois electricians at All Suburban Electric can help. We’ll repair, replace, and install your old, worn-out, or outdated breakers, fuses, and panels directly on the spot. Contact All Suburban Electric today.

The service panel

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The service panel administers electricity throughout a home. It contains the circuit breaker, which stops energy flow when it becomes hazardous. The electricians at All Suburban Electric are licensed to add new circuits to an existing panel or replace a damaged panel.

Why do circuit breakers matter?

Circuit breakers control the flow of electricity throughout your home. They protect your electrical circuit from damage caused by overuse, overload, or short circuits. In other words when a building has too much electricity flowing through it, a circuit breaker cuts the power until the problem can be fixed.

When to replace a circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers tend to have a long life cycle, but like anything with time they become worn out and overused. Some signs of a faulty circuit breaker are when the circuit breaker becomes hot to the touch, gives off a burning scent, or shows any signs of damage such as burnt or frayed wires. If you are experiencing any of these call the electricians at All Suburban Electric to discuss your options.

How we can help?

We will be able to determine the cause of the problem and weather it exists beyond the box itself. If your circuit panel does need replacing or upgrading this process can be extremely dangerous. Our trained electricians will upgrade your wiring while ensuring your safety and a quality job.